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e a theta i o O
Fundamentals of Space Orbits
What is Orbital Mechanics?
Learn about basics of orbital mechanics, definitions, equations and more.

HOMA provides an introduction to space mechanics and primary understanding of how satellites move in space.

Fundamentals of Space Orbits
Orbit Simulation
25000+ Space Orbits
HOMA, the first online space orbit simulator, enables you to simulate more than 25000 different space orbits online. The numerous numbers of orbits simulated on the site are intended to aid better learning and understanding orbital mechanics.

Orbit Simulation
Orbital Parameters

Discover how six orbital parameters affect the shape and the orientation of space orbits.

Orbital Parameters
3D Visualization

Better understanding of space orbits by utilizing images of space orbits in a 3D environment.

X-Y, Y-Z, X-Z and perspective view of space orbits are accessible.

3D Visualization
Make a Complete Analysis
Orbital data include radius, velocity and angular momentum vector as well as specific energy, mean anomaly and other orbital characteristics will be calculated and reported for each simulation.

Ground Track

Find out how orbital parameters influence the ground track of satellites.

Try out different Earth textures for the ground track of space orbits.

Ground Track
Special Samples

Check out some of the special problems, analyses and simulations about orbital mechanics that may give you better sensation in orbital mechanics and space orbits.

Special Samples
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Random Orbit   
e 1 a 7000 theta 0 i 60 o 0 O 30

Orbital Characteristics

Initial radius Equation (6062) i + (3500) j + (0) k km   Current time (from perigee) Equation 0 s
Equation 7000 km Coast time of    Equation 1749 s
Initial velocity Equation (-2.668 ) i + (4.621 ) j + (9.242 ) k km/s Mean anomaly Equation 0.00 rad
Equation 10.672 km/s Perigee radius Equation 7000 km
Angular momentum Equation (32347) i + (-56027) j + (37351) k km2/s Flight path angle Equation 0.00 deg
Equation 74702 km2/s Energy Equation 0.000 km2/s2

Perspective View

Texture Ground Track Ground Track Frame Ground Track Frame Grid
Texture Map:

Analysis Graph

Homa is optimized for learning orbital mechanics and analyzing space orbits. Results are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but I cannot warrant full correctness of all content.
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