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HOMA is a space orbit simulator developed by Abolfazl Shirazi. It is an online tool that analyzes the space orbits and generates 3D visualization of the space trajectory along with ground track and numerical results.


The current online tool was originally a MATLAB-based tool, developed in 2011 as a 3D environment framework for understanding orbital elements. The website was launched on July 2014, based on searching in a database of results which have been simulated by the MATLAB code. Until October 2016, the online simulator had limited option in specifying orbital elements. In late 2016, the work for turning the MATLAB code into a WebGL tool started. In October 2017, the upgraded version of HOMA with unlimited simulation was launched successfully.


The space orbit simulator displays satellite orbits and generates usable data associated with space trajectories. Designed to fill a need for affordable, user-friendly online tool, HOMA is an academic educational tool intended for engineering, physics, and astronomy students, as well as professors of introductory orbital mechanics. It can also be used for quick visualization and analysis of satellite orbits. The tool can generate a satellite ground track or trajectory with high quality graphics, allowing the user to modify and visualize various orbits, and convert Keplerian orbital elements to position and velocity vectors. In addition, given the orbital elements, HOMA computes the anomalies including mean anomaly and eccentric anomaly and their variations.


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Homa is optimized for learning orbital mechanics and analyzing space orbits. Results are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but full correctness of all contents cannot be warranted.
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