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Special Samples

On this page, you will find my special samples including problems' solutions, exclusive simulations, multimedia and much more about orbital mechanics. I try to improve the content of this page whenever I can.

Orbital Eccentricity

Orbital Eccentricity

This movie shows the motion of bodies on trajectories around Earth with same perigee radius but different eccentricities. Notice the difference between periods of orbits due to changes in their semi-major axis.
Orbital Eccentricity
Semi-major Axi

Semi-major Axis

This movie shows the motion of bodies on trajectories with same semi-major axis but different eccentricities. Trajectories have the same orbital periods regardless of what eccentricities the orbits have.
Semi-major Axi

Homa is optimized for learning orbital mechanics and analyzing space orbits. Results are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but full correctness of all contents cannot be warranted.
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